Internet.a.Play by ©Jerry Griffin

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INTERNET.a.play1.0 by ©Jerry Griffin

(In darkness, Mozart’s “Serenade for Winds,” 3rd movement, is heard slowly rising and falling for several moments before a sharp stream of light shines onto a futuristically styled podium. After a moment, lights fade up revealing two matching chairs beyond the podium and sitting on one is…)

(standing, holding his worn personal computer in the crook of an arm at

the podium, smiling for a long moment)

Thank you for that wonderful interlude of musical vibration. My. Our visual appearance is just lovely at this chronological moment. May we log on with precision to Theoretical Infinity. Now. Scroll down with me to this unit’s Transference.

(studies screen)

Old Grid. Plane 2. Today we will read aloud to extrapolate meaning. The Old Grid states…read with me…”While Processing word intention from old memory and “On loading” your drive, user must avoid judgement application to another user’s…

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Short Film: ‘The Clerk Retires’ by Jerry Griffin

In Alabama, United States, a man retires after many years in the role of Public Servant. He is a genuinely likable man and this film adds some artistic flourishes to what could have been a mere formal retirement ceremony in a beautifully restored Southern Courthouse…with some other genuinely likable Southern people. “We’re like the Complaint Department (for the public),” he told his employees after thanking them. Toward the end of his career Hon. Ted Hooks suffered a heart attack reportedly centered around the decimation of his staff. Many people’s  lives were affected from impersonally artistic flourishes higher up in the profession. May the ink for his favorite stamp always remain inky. – GM Griffin

Introduction to Calhoun County Courthouse

an Essay with music from “2001: A Space Oddysey”


Beau Chong Raised in Times Square New Year’S Eve

Beau Chong Raised in Times Square New Year’S Eve

(New York City) In a stunning last-minute approval, Beau Chong Film, LLc was granted ‘brief licensure’ by Elrod Gettingmuffå of the Mayor’s Office to display the poster until 6:01 A.M. There exists an arcane law stating that film production ‘must not poster from 40th Street to 56th Street without an approved script.’ [Sec. V, Statute II-4(a)] of the Streets and Posters Council, Blephmidd Bonnelrayser, M.M.A., Commissioner. We thank Mr. Gettingmuffå and Bonnelrayser, M.M.A., Commissioner, for also jumping on board as Associate Conditional producers.

We’re UP! Here it is!


ASB and JS

A Colleague’s Tribute to Southern Author James Street

 (GM Griffin) You are at an awards ceremony. Robust conversation fills the rented room full of colleagues who are also tirelessly driven to report what they see with their eyes. Many never clearly knowing why.
The sound of tinkling rented glasses competes with the drone of workers with bylines meeting in person and sharing what would later be termed, “Good Vibrations.”
You are to receive an award from a legendary colleague replete with Hollywood Writing and Directing credits, Southern novels, essays and opinions on international affairs as, “Reporter from the Pentagon.” The white-haired man presenting these awards for excellence in radio broadcasting eventually calls you, for you are being recognized, too.
You receive your award as your heart beats and you squeeze the flesh of his hand. He feels like a fellow writer at that moment. The perspiration and cold palm you gave him would not ever be mentioned. Your secret is safe with a colleague. You speak and as you return to your seat and corral swirling emotions just jettisoned throughout shared air you feel at one with the effort and are satisfied to belong.
Moments later, you refocus your thoughts onto the proceedings. Like the dream you just left you now see the white-haired man’s head gently “lying on the table like a child’s when it’s tired” atop the rented table where he sat between congratulations.
So, you write about it to let your heart beat. After all, you are a Journalist.

More Information: “James H. Street” From Wikipedia ; “James Howell Street (1903–1954)” From Arkansas History and Culture ; “MISSISSIPPI WRITERS: James Street” 


 James Street Family
Personal Photographs

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Ascending AwareneSS

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Note left at the summit

I rode the shears of nannies
swept upwards uncoiling from dreams
Our herd clung by nails
hoofing away at cracked crevices
cornering upwards
careening away from the dream

icy stark ephemeral nothing gaped before the summit
and whisked away at apex
a whispy transfer
sheepness no more

Unfolding Ladie’s Car

Unfolding Electric Ladies Automobile from 1920’s

<Unfolding starts @ 1:06 sec.)

To Live In The 1920’s

1920’s Folding Electric
 Three-Wheel Car

“This is a film clip of two females assembling, unfolding a three (3) wheel electric car. The car can be fashioned as either a convertible with side doors or as a front entrance car with full cover for the passenger compartment. The car can be folded up for storage. It is an all electric drive vehicle for ease of maintenance.”


1920’s 1920s roaring twenties jazz age flapper charleston era